Oracle DBA training institute in Indirapuram:- Oracle is one of the most complex and advanced databases in the world, and mastering the complex range of computer programs requires many skills and programs at university level.

Learning Oracle is only suitable for experienced computer scientists and professionals in information systems with the right training required.

The young computer professionals leave the sacred halls and ivory towers of the university and investigate the landscape for computer assignments. They look at the salary surveys and drool against the average salary of the Oracle DBA of $ 100,000 and the prospect of earning up to $ 250,000 a year as a production DBA. In Oracle DBA, many of them do not know what a DBA does, but they love the money.

Oracle DBA training institute in Indirapuram

Skills from Oracle DBA

Excellent communication skills - Oracle applications DBAs must have an interface with the end-user community and must have communication techniques at university level are able to communicate clearly, both orally and with written communication.

Business Degree - Most successful Oracle applications DBA employees have a degree in business administration, almost all from AACSB-accredited colleges for business administration. Graduates from sub-optimal business schools will find it very difficult to find a job in the administration of Oracle Applications and a good understanding of business processes is essential to fulfill many of the tasks of the Oracle applications and the DBA function.

DBA skills - Most Oracle DBA employees have at least five years of full-time progressive DBA experience and sometimes have Oracle certifications such as OCP and OCM. Oracle Applications DBA must also have a good understanding of related technologies, especially Java and Oracle Application Server.

How much can I earn as an Oracle DBA?

Here are my notes about Oracle Salary Compensation, and there is a large variation depending on the responsibilities of the DBA job, the quality of the DBA, the cost of living and the experience of the DBA. Here is a good Oracle DBA salary survey with the national average of $ 65,000 per year.

However, there is a huge variation in the DBA salary. In 1981 the average DBA salary was about the age of 10, and a DBA from high school could earn $ 32k / year, a nice salary when gasoline was 80 cents per liter. Inflation and increased demand have increased the DBA wage scale:

Low-quality DBA

An Oracle DBA without college and less than 10 years of experience earns approximately, a 25-year-old earns about $ 50,000 / year.

Middle Tier DBA

In this program, an Oracle DBA with a bachelor's degree and a ten-year full-time work experience can be earned, with a 35-year DBA that earns approximately $ 105 per year.

Senior DBA

A senior DBA programming with a Masters degree, 20 years of experience in managing a business-critical database can earn up to (age * 4), with a 45-year DBA manager who earns up to $ 180k / year.

Superstar DBA

Such as The DBA Superstars with advanced degrees and specialized skills. The reward is often just as high and a 35-year-old superstar can earn up to $ 210k per year.

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